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About Us

Composite Components Company was founded over twenty years ago to serve the field of composite photography in motion pictures. The technological foundation for doing so was based on an award winning career, spanning several decades, of providing visual effects technology for feature motion pictures such as Star Wars and Star Trek: The Motion Picture. We provide the ‘front end’ components for this versatile visual effects technique -- backing screens, paints, and such specialty items as body suits and sandbag covers. We invented and patented a traveling matte (chromakey) system known as the Digital series of traveling matte backings, i.e. Digital Green®, Digital Blue™, etc. which is optimized for state of the art digital production. 

In 1997, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded us their Scientific and Engineering Award. In the Academy’s own language, such an Award must denote “a high level of innovation” as well as “a high level of scientific accomplishment or engineering—something beyond the ordinary or expected” and in addition, “some combination of high value and impact on the industry.” (From the Academy “Scientific and Technical Awards Rules: Criteria for Scaling Achievement.”) The terms, Digital Green® and Digital Blue ™ are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. All this is by way of saying we specialize in traveling matte photography for motion pictures, (which is known in the video world as “chromakey”). 

We serve the feature motion picture world as well as high end television production by providing the premium technology required to produce such films as The Life of Pi and Lucy. Often the backing screens we provide for such films are very large. Thirty feet high by a hundred or more feet wide is not uncommon. In producing such large screens, we inevitably wind up with short pieces of material, or remnants, that are less than 17 feet long, too small for our larger movie screens. Some of these are used to make body suits and various other items, some are made up into screens to cover stage floors for virtual sets, but we still accumulate such remnants. Too valuable to discard, we make them into small screens that may be used by small studios, and videographers. We’re now making such screens available to the prosumer and advanced amateur market via our new online webstore.